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Useful Information for Daily Life

Multiculture Center Kawasaki
〒210-0851 1F Akatsuki Bldg., 1-9-14 Hamacho, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Take a Rinko Bus for Daishi or Mitsui-Futo and get off at Yotsukado Bus Stop. The center is 5 minutes walk away.
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社会福祉法人青丘社 ほっとライン会報6月
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多文化共生センター かわさきラジオ(TEST)test[5]
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Job Fair for International Students2019-03-06
About 30 companies will participate.
There will be guidance for job hunting for foreign students at the first part of the fair.
This fair is for foreign students who will graduate from university or vocational college between 2019-2020 or who are former graduates.

Date: Thursday, March 7
Time: 1:00-5:00pm(doors open at 12:30pm)
Place: 2F, KCCI hall, Kawasaki Frontier Building,
1-minute walk from the North Exit East, JR Kawasaki Station

Inquiries: Keizai rodo-kyoku rodo koyo-bu

You can apply online in advance from Kawasaki City website
Subsidies for sterilization for cats (second term)2019-03-06
This subsidy is for Kawasaki citizens who are taking care of cats, and have had a cat sterilized at a supporting animal hospital since April of last year and as of March this year.
The amount of the subsidy:
3,000yen for a female cat
2,000yen for a male cat
Those who applied for the first term (up to the end of December, 2018) can apply.
Up to three cats per family for each term.
When the grant reaches the budget limit, the subsidy will be closed.(March 29 will be the last day for applying)
The application forms are given out at supporting animal hospitals.
Or please downlord from Kawasaki city website
Paying National Pension Premiums in one advance payment2019-02-12
There are three ways of paying national pension premiums in one advance payment (for the next 2 years, 1 year and 6 months).
Paying for the next 2 years in one advance payment gets a discount of about 14,000 yen.
Please sign up in advance for this type of payment by the end of February. You can pay by account transfer, credit card, electronic payment, or cash.

Ask for details. Inquiries:
Hoken Nenkin-ka, Ward Office
Hoken Nenkin-kakari, Kumin Center, Daishi Branch
Hoken Nenkin-kakari, Kumin Center, Tajima Branch
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Guide to Kawasaki Ward Office
Fureai Kan
To Hospital and Clinic Search (Kawasaki City) page
Be prepared-Kawasaki
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Useful Information for daily life
◎Kawasaki Ward Child-Raising Guide Book "SANPOMICHI" published in foreign languages[551]
Free medical checkup and counseling[523]
Information from Kawasaki City National Health Insurance Office ②[520]
Information from Kawasaki National Health Insurance office ①[519]
Let’s enjoy learning Japanese![518]
Counseling program for foreigners[515]
Consumption tax will be 8%[513]
Immigration Office Electronic Application and Notification System began on June 24, 2013[439]
Latest Info from InterCom
Mail Magazine Intercom Kawasakiku will end [1148]
Collection days for waste and recyclables will change in April [1147]
Let’s enjoy learning Japanese! [1146]
Hoken Fukushi Center (Health & Social Welfare Center) system will change [1145]
Free ticket offer for heated indoor pool and training room [1144]
New distribution method of application form for financial assistance for education [1143]
Service counter special open hours [1141]
Between Higashi-monzen Station-Kojimashinden Station, Kawasaki Daishi Line is underground as of March 3 [1135]
Application for Waku Waku Plaza [1133]
Job Fair for International Students [1132]
Subsidies for sterilization for cats (second term) [1131]
Paying National Pension Premiums in one advance payment [1130]
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